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Jump out of the Fire!

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Last November I started a new chapter in my life. I jumped from the team that handles crises at the moment and looks to prevent crises to the team that works in the aftermath of a crisis.

What this looks like is after years of working in the role of a first responder, I now work to aid persons who have had a crisis. Specifically, I work as an Anti-Human Trafficking Program Specialist or “Advocate”.

If you start to dive into human trafficking, you may find as I did that on the surface there are resources, information, and training on recognizing trafficking signs or situations. I started with the Office of Victims of Crime Training & Technical Assistance Center online at This is good. It raises awareness, informs us, and helps us recognize things. I am still looking for it and haven’t found information on what to do after you find it, is practical experience working with a complex issue.

I will make regular posts to this blog about the things I find that help or don’t help. I look forward to input from anyone who follows me on this journey.

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